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entangled landscapes - issue 1 - readingroom

Entangles Landscapes / Vol.1

€ 20,00Prezzo

Vol 1: Abruzzo 

Vol 1 is now ready to travel out into the world, and into the hands of you, dear readers. 

In the process of creating this little magical jewel we've had the immense pleasure and honor of meeting and collaborating with a group of deeply inspiring people, projects, and organisations, and it has been nothing but amazing, uplifting, and often deeply moving to get to know these incredible people and to learn about the fascinating work unfolding in the region of Abruzzo. Our hearts are full of gratitude to everyone who has taken part in the co-creation of this beautiful little bundle of gems. ⁠We know that Abruzzo contains many more stories than the ones we have been able to portray in this volume, but we believe this collection is a good place to start the exploration of magical Abruzzo!⁠




Entangled Landscapes is an independent print publication through which we are Telling Regional Food Stories from the intersections of food, agriculture, and sustainability. With this publication, we wish to tell stories about the many entangled efforts, visions, and practices that all play essential roles in the resistance to the dominating destructive practices of today, and which all express different possibilities of change - all in the context of one specific region at a time.

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