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Eaten magazine - issue 18 - Reading Room


Eaten / 18


EATEN No. 18: Dessert features a decadent feast of fascinating stories from culinary history, from the life and times of Brownie Mary to the saga of a candy made by a Georgian princess and the legacy of cheese and the Portuguese in Bengal. (Autumn 2023)


Contributors include:


Dillon Fernando on the legacy of Betty Cocker

Anna Ansari on long and winding saga of sharbat

Carlynn Crosby on Fidel Castro's obsession with ice cream

Cynthia Chou on rebellions and mooncakes




Eaten is a thrice-yearly publication celebrating food history. Each volume contains historic recipes, essays, and engaging stories contributed by historians, journalists, and gastronomers eager to share the history of all things food and drink. They are also handsomely illustrated with photographs, paintings, and drawings.

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