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Doesn't Exist magazine - issue 6 - Reading Room


Doesn't Exist / 6

€ 27,00Prezzo

In issue #6, have an in-depth look at the innovative work of the filmmaking duo, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. Enjoy captivating fashion stories, artworks, posters, interviews and photographs that shed new light on their timeless contributions to cinema. Featuring Professor Ian Christie and filmmakers Mark Cousins – “My name is Alfred Hitchcock” [2022] and Sally Potter – “Orlando” [1992]. Also, indulge in a fashion story by Andi Wegel and Phil Hoffmann, who captured the essence of “Peeping Tom” [1960]’s psychoanalytical themes and inner turmoil, transforming it into a true cinematic blend between fashion and cinema. Immerse yourself in the collectable tribute that beautifully combines fashion and cinema, celebrating two of the most esteemed filmmakers of all time.




Doesn’t Exist is a fashion magazine seen from a cinematic perspective. The particularity of this publication is to create a new space that has long been used by both fashion and film industries. As a mutual feeding of references in all their aesthetic and intellectual fields. The magazine seeks to develop a visual dialogue between the two industries. Generating a fully cinematic fashion content.

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