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Doesn't Exist magazine - issue 5 - Reading Room


Doesn't Exist / 5


This issue is an official tribute to Canadian filmmaker Bruce LaBruce, covering his entire career through film photos, images of his own works of art, photography, as well as one 18-page exclusive interview


Featuring _


Bruce LaBruce – who kindly send us some exclusively/curated images also film stills from his personal archive

Victor Fraga and Alex Babboni – who interviewed Bruce LaBruce in an exclusive 18-page written piece

Eoghan Lyng – who wrote about 10 pitches for imaginary films that LaBruce could have directed

Nick Ikin – who created 10 posters inspired by the texts of Eoghan Lyng

Tom Eerebout and Elspeth Jenkins – team up in a fashion story inspired by the feature film ‘Theorem’ [1968] by Pier Paolo Pasolini

Alex Babboni – in a fashion story/behind the scenes

Bruce LaBruce in collaboration with Lee Wagstaff [Rise Gallery / Berlin] and Peres Projects featuring the actor François Sagat

a/political – and their art collection curated by Bruce LaBruce

featuring the artists

Andres Serrano


Zbigniew Libera

Peter Kennard

Kendell Geers


Franko B

Oleg Kulik

Petr Davydtchenko

Santiago Sierra

Alexandra Bircken

Piotr Pavlenski

Adam Broomberg

Oliver Chanarin

Julius von Bismarck

Andrei Molodkin




Doesn’t Exist is a fashion magazine seen from a cinematic perspective. The particularity of this publication is to create a new space that has long been used by both fashion and film industries. As a mutual feeding of references in all their aesthetic and intellectual fields. The magazine seeks to develop a visual dialogue between the two industries. Generating a fully cinematic fashion content.

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