Disegno Magazine - Issue 28 - Reading Room


Disegno / 28


A roundtable about race and the design industry with Where Are the Black Designers?; calorie counting and information design; introducing social activism to fashion with Bethany Williams; empathy as a curatorial approach; Section 230 and censorship on social media; Skyand EA's digital crowd design for the Premier League; wayfinding strategies for transport hubs in the time of Covid-19; woke-washing and the fallacy of branded activism; Kajsa Willner and Seetal Solanki'snew translation of plastics; a beheaded Columbus and the problem of monuments; LGBTQ+ rights and poster design in the Polish presidential elections; equity and e-scooters in Los Angeles; upcycling fashion waste with Reet Aus and Alexander Taylor; the physically distanced future of design fairs and biennales; and reflections on globalisation from Theodore Zeldin and Charlie Koolhaas.


Disegno is the world’s leading quarterly journal dedicated to long-form independent reporting and critical writing on design. Released in April, June, September and November, Disegno includes a mixture of reportage, photoessays, profiles, critical discussion, interviews, reviews and roundtables.

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