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Dirty magazine - issue 1.5 - Reading Room


Dirty / 1.5

€ 25,00Prezzo

In issue 1.5, dirty plays with the idea of freedom through the lens of students. A space where one is allowed to explore all aspects of their creativity, a time that offers you no boundaries only the occasionally questioning. This issue made (almost) entirely by students aims to celebrate the nostalgia one feels for their student days, when we were all truly free, before the commercialization of dreams, when we explored ideas and aspirations for the kind of success that might someday buy us similar freedom. May this issue be a reminder to both students and veterans of why we continue to do what we do against all odds.




Dirty is a new print title from India here to bind new worlds together for observers to immerse themselves in. The bi-annual book sheds skin every six months, taking on a singular theme with each new edition.

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