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Desired Landscapes magazine - issue 5 - Reading Room


Desired Landscapes / 5

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What is a city now? For some, nature is the new urban. But if cities would be brave enough to be cities again, that would be my wonderland. This issue gives some hints of its form. Cities as forests not in terms of nature, but of navigation and justice. Vertical cities freed from their past, floating in latent memories. A highway unfolding vistas to our escapist mind. Systems of transit constructing the sense of place. And us, more eager than ever to explore. Yet, this time, slowly.


The issue of paradoxes.Issue 05 takes you to PHNOM PENH – BERLIN – SAN DIEGO – RIJEKA–DUBROVNIK – SEVARAMBES – ATHENS – SYDNEY – MANAMA – CASABLANCA – SIFNOS – and a city guide on SEOUL




Desired Landscapes – A Magazine Reading into Cities, is a pocket-sized collection of person-to-place bonds, urban observations and poetic snapshots, seen through the eyes of people who write the stories of today’s cities. Every issue could be seen as a city guide which reflects upon the representations of the urban experience. A collection of postcards depicting distant theres – unvisited or perhaps unforgettable; of projections of possible homes, streets yet to be discovered and urban clichés to be demystified.

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