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Der Greif magazine - issue 15 - Reading Room


Der Greif / 15

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The Collectivity Issue


Issue 15, titled “The Collectivity Issue”, marks a special approach to Der Greif’s annual guest-editing. Instead of working with one guest editor, Der Greif invited 50 artists to each edit a single spread within the publication.


What does collectivity mean in a world currently overshadowed by conflicts and crises? And what roles do collective making, collective trauma and collective responsibility play in our work? How can this shape our understanding of the photographic medium and its role in our collective consciousness? These questions inspired this issue’s theme. 




Der Greif is an award-winning contemporary photography organization. Through crowdsourcing, Der Greif brings together diverse voices and provides a platform and visibility for a range of practitioners and their works. Since 2008, Der Greif has engaged with topics like changing authorship perceptions, image de- and re-contextualization, appropriation, and artistic approaches to photographic archives and remix culture.


Der Greif's publications demonstrate how pairings of images by different authors can generate new meanings. Der Greif explores the creation, distribution, and reception of images - in print, on screens, and in exhibitions. The organization reflects on and questions the role of images: how we construct and perceive our environment and our respective responsibilities within it.

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