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Deem Journal magazine - issue 4 - Reading Room


Deem / 4

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For Issue Four, “A Sense of Place,” we reexamine the meaning of place, and its making, while considering the emergence of new social landscapes, spaces, and needs.


Issue Four opens with a conversation between visionary artist Theaster Gates—who shares his perspectives around place as the connecting thread in his practice—and Deem co-founders Nu Goteh and Alice Grandoit-Šutka. Gates’s approach to redeeming and sacralizing space as place lays the groundwork for a multitude of other interviews, essays, and interventions that address how we make place from spatial experiences. As always, we welcomed perspectives from contributors of varying backgrounds, interests, and disciplines, and it is our hope that this investigation will help us all think about place in ways both new and old. 


The contributors to our fourth issue include:


Acacia Rodriguez, Alexis Aceves Garcia, Alice Grandoit-Šutka, Annika Hansteen-Izora, Cara Page, Cherry-Ann Davis, Cory Kamehanaokalā Holt Taum, Daleen Saah, Doreen Chan, Femi Adeyemi, Guarionex Rodriguez, Jr., Isabel Flower, jah elyse sayers, Jorge Vallecillos, Jun Lin, Lizania Cruz, Marquise Stillwell, Melody Timothee, Mycelium Youth Network, Nolis Anderson, Nu Goteh, Ollie Olanipekun, Prentis Hemphill, Ramsay Taum, Ruth Gebreyesus, Sara Pooley, Sara Zewde, Sasha Costanza-Chock, Shirt, Tamika Abaka-Wood, Theaster Gates, Toni L. Griffin, Valencia Gunder, Warren Le Platte.




Deem is a biannual print journal and online platform focused on design as social practice.

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