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Dazed magazine - issue 281 - Reading Room


Dazed / 281


The autumn 2023 issue of Dazed Magazine, titled "Beyond Borders," prominently features a global perspective and an exploration of new ideas and cultures. The editor-in-chief reflects on the renewed energy that September brings, symbolizing a reset. The issue celebrates creative fearlessness and groundbreaking artistic expression, with a particular focus on global talents that transcend linguistic and cultural barriers. Key highlights include the Catalan music artist Rosalía, K-pop sensation Jung Kook, dancehall queen Spice, and other influential figures like Quenlin Blackwell and Little Simz. Each story within the issue seeks to explore boundaries and break molds, offering fresh perspectives on fashion, art, culture, and society in an ever-evolving world.




Launched in 1991 as Dazed & Confused and conceived as an alternative to mainstream style, fashion and culture magazines, Dazed is now a big name itself, with global distribution and a host of sister publications including Another Magazine, and Hunger.