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Dapper Dan magazine - issue 28 - Reading Room


Dapper Dan / 28

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For its 28th issue, DAPPER DAN embarks on a journey to The Invisible City—a fictitious metropolis without borders, tied together by shared beliefs, memories and chance. A tribute to the communities, friends and neighbourhoods we encounter within the fertile terrains of the magazine.

Taking us to the imaginary erotic city of his mind, Angelo Flaccavento ponders the question of lust in this issue, and shares the images he draws he draws whilst naked. In an equally heated text, Anastatio Koukoutas explores the city of commons as he seeks the poetry of righteous riots.

We find a feeling of belonging as author Gabriel Krauze speaks to Kim Laidlaw about being equally at home on a housing estate in London and on the front line in Ukraine. Caleb Braaten, founder of Sacred Bones Records, talks to Faye Fearon about music as an invisible network that brings us together. We also visit the Hydra Book Club and hear about an island community of reading enthusiasts—including Malgosia Bela.

Milou Van Rossum retraces the invisible history of forgotten 1970s Dutch designer, Fong Leng, and Matthew Hicks goes behind the scenes to interview Satoshi Kondo, artistic director of Issey Miyake, in his atelier in Paris.
Our contributors also explore space and the way we move through it. Hördur Ingason and Elena Psalti wander lonely as a cloud; Johan Sandberg and Mattias Karlsson reveal the beauty in concrete flowers; Isabelle Wenzel and Chiara Ficola take us to Eutropia; and Alvaro Beamud Cortés and Anastasia Barbieri seek refuge in Silencis.





We believe that a man’s style is something that derives from his own personality, not from ephemeral “trends”.


We enjoy opinionated men. Men with a sense of purpose and a soul. Smart, intelligent and creative; men with ideas and ideology. Men who are their own men, who don’t fit others’ standards.






We don’t believe in negativity.


We believe in revolution.

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