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Daily Things magazine - issue 3 - Reading Room


Daily Things / 3


Daily Things Volume 3 by Marton Perlaki, Kerry J Dean, Takashi Homma, Alice Schillaci, Antoine Harinthe, Thomas Albdorf, Bharat Sikka. 


Creating an issue for us is like nurturing a baby - it involves months of sweat, tears, and hard work. And now, it's birthday time! We are thrilled to introduce Volume 3, the culmination of nearly a year's worth of conversations with talented individuals from around the globe. Each page is a testament to their openness and willingness to share a piece of their world and mind with us. From timeless reflections to contemporary insights, we've curated a collection of perspectives that delve into personal themes, infused with a hint of fantasy.

In the first story, Marton Perlaki unveils his miniature photographs, evoking a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of life's small fragments.

With an eye for social commentary, Kerry J Dean documents the essence of a new generation of Egyptian characters.

Exploring style and everyday objects, Takashi Homma presents a series of images featuring girls in a unique blend of objects sourced from everyday life: cardboard boxes, colanders, plates. The kitchen serves as the backdrop for experimentation as they navigate the process of moving into a new house.

Alice Schillachi transports us to a cinematic moment, capturing pregnant young mothers as they form connections with their future babies and life's journey ahead.

Observing people at midday during their lunch break, Antoine Harinthe presents us with a diverse array of scenes. Some wait for the bus, others bring pizzas for colleagues, take a break outside, or eat a sandwich during a conference call. Each option reflects a different face of the lunchtime experience.

Capturing the sprawling streets of Los Angeles, Thomas Albdorf focuses on street furniture as sites of human interaction: a sticker affixed to a traffic light, graffiti on a mirror, or warning tape marking off a space. These small elements depict life in the midst of seemingly deserted places.

In his piece, Bharat Sikka transports us to Delhi, his current place of residence and work, with a focus on District 6, a bustling main square that serves as a microcosm of society. Here, shoeshine cleaners, elderly individuals boarding buses, ice cream vendors, and children cross paths, offering a snapshot of daily life in the city.




Daily Things is inspired by the ordinary and how it can become singular when it’s seen in a certain way. Despite its focus on the ordinary, the production on the issue is anything but ordinary; good paper and open binding that allows the highly-visual ages to lie flat.

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