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CURA. magazine - issue 41 - Reading Room


CURA. / 41

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Through an extensive investigation of the new productions and searches of international artists, the brand new CURA. 41, New World AgencyTM, raises questions related to the ability of art and artists to have a transformative role as regards the apparent irreversibility of the events that impact our present. In a shift between fiction and reality, New World AgencyTM explores, with a transgenerational gaze, the artists who foresaw the building of new possible worlds and new modes of agency for alternative futures. Not only AI, CGI, videogames and virtual reality, but also highly advanced analog tools, animatronics, and mechanical devices are able to forge the imaginative, creative and narrative space of artists, founding new realities, in which mythology, ghosts, topoi, fables, childhood memories, technology, pop culture and magic, intertwine in the comprehensive illusion to be in different places and in part of it.




CURA. magazine includes specific sections devoted to the curatorial approaches of the past and present and special interventions by expressly invited curators and artists, the actors of novel interactions between text, graphics and images. Conversations, visual essays, critical texts, thematic analysis, lab projects are just some of the various formats through which the contents of the magazine are developed and presented.

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