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Cultural Bulletin Magazine - Issue D - Reading Room


Cultural Bulletin / D


The world as we conceived it doesn’t exist anymore

A changing world, as we understand it, often involves the collision of nature and people – the non-human and the human. We naturally view things from an anthropocentric perspective. Maybe this is why many of us can more viscerally connect with the effects of COVID-19 than climate change. 

Much of the images, themes and conversations in Issue D explore the relationship between the human and the non-human world. These worlds often exist in juxtaposition and are fraught with conflict. One is usually taking something from the other. In Robin Friend’s images from his book Bastard Countryside, we see the relationship played out dramatically and almost poetically. It is hard to believe they are real. On one hand, they serve as artefacts, and from another perspective, they serve as metaphors for the interplay of human and non-human worlds that exist in both literal and abstract ways.




Cultural bulletin is a quarterly magazine that gives an international view of creative work.


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