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Crosscurrent magazine - issue 3 - Reading Room


Crosscurrent / 3


issue three, autumn/winter 2023


Ari Marcopoulos documents his zine-making process, Jeremy Everett and Apolline Rocco Fohrer explore Hotel La Louisiane, and Elizabeth Peyton and Alessio Bolzoni wander the sculpture garden of Musée Rodin. Blonde Redhead on their new album, Eleni Myrivili on extreme heat, and Marguerite Humeau on Orisons. Phil Engelhardt and Ai Kamoshita photograph two of our favourite new faces, Stanislas Motz-Neidhart and Matt Holmes interpret The Row Winter 2023, and more.




Crosscurrent is a bi-annual print publication and a manual resource for discovery exploring fashion, art, architecture, and ideas

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