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Coriandoli magazine - issue 1 - Reading Room


Coriandoli / 1

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CORIANDOLI  is a new print-only magazine aimed at celebrating and plat- forming new Italian countercultural creators. Designed by and for young artists, the publication seeks to breathe new life into the stale and commercially obsessed Italian creative industry. We will present an array of fresh talent across various artistic elds and regions, while creating a one-of-a-kind collectible limited edition newspaper inspired by many classic Italian periodicals. CORIANDOLI paints the picture of where we want Italy to be headed creatively and politically.


• community as the core value through which creative ideas are developed, lived and shared.

• diversity and inclusion as necessary means to introduce Italy to the vital global conversation about social justice and human rights.

• visual arts as the most immediate and engaging form of communi- cation: colour, vibrancy and light.

• language as an ever-evolving, adaptable and customisable tool to communicate new concepts.

• challenging tradition to kickstart art and design innovation.

• absolute separation between Christian morale and contemporary ethics.

• fostering of countercultural voices in the face of the rampant bourgeois tyranny of taste.

• understanding and deconstructing national and cultural identity to propose a new, decolonised Italianità.

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