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Vesper magazine - issue 5 - Reading Room


Vesper /5

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No. 5 Moby Dick: avventure e scoperte | Adventures and Discoveries


Sara Marini - Moby Dick: Adventures and Discoveries


Herman Melville - Purpose


Paolo Portoghesi con Manuel Orazi e Marco Vanucci - Architecture and Maths


Andreas Kreul - Call me Cachalot. Some Reflections on Drawing Restraint #9 by Matthew Barney

Fabrizio Barozzi, Diletta Trinari - Without Coordinates. London Design District

Nicola Russi, Alessandro Benetti - Pushing Boundaries: A Four-Act Structure for a Project


Pierluca Ditano, Michela Tomasi - (Notes from) These Things Never Happened but Have Always Been

Sarah Mazzetti - The Suitcase


Davide Deriu - Adventures in Scale

Massimo Rossetti - It’s moving! It’s alive! Birth, Evolution, Migration, and Death of Technologies

Felice Cimatti - Becoming a Cockroach. Error and Enjoyment

Paolo Garbolino - Traces and Evidence

Caterina Padoa Schioppa - ‘Simple, very serious games’


Armin Linke - Clues


Vittorio Netti, Olga Bannova - Space Architecture. Designing Beyond the Sky


Filippo De Dominicis - Descriptions of the Inevitable and of the Unknown. Constantinos Doxiadis and the Advent of Ecumenopolis, 1960-1961

Fernanda De Maio - The ‘Made in Olivetti’ Body of Architecture. Casa Olivetti in Santiago de Chile by Alberto Cruz C. and Miguel Eyquem A., 1973


Ana Ivanovska Deskova, Jovan Ivanovski, Vladimir Deskov - Manoeuvre

Tomà Berlanda - Navigation

William Boelhower - Ocean

Giulia Zompa - Gruppo

Alessandro Virgilio Mosetti - Hīc

Enrico Miglietta - Intuito


Vesper is a six-monthly, multidisciplinary and bilingual (Italian and English) journal which deals with the relationships between forms and processes of thought and of design. Each issue is divided into sections that offer a range of diverse perspectives on the theme analysed: editorial, quote, project, tale, lecture, essay, extra, translation, archive, journey, ring, tutorial, dictionary.

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