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Citizen magazine - issue 1 - Reading Room


Citizen / 1

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Issue 001: Matter - in its most elemental definition, the word "matter" denotes a thing that occupies space. When we are young we are told that to exist we must be a weighted thing. In this way, to be black is a thing at odds with itself, to both carry so much weight yet also to be denied space. The inaugural issue of Citizen intends to ask in many ways and, in some, answer in some, what it means for black lives to take up space, for the images and ideas of black people to insist on their known existence. 


The first issue has two covers, one starring Nikole Hannah-Jones, shot by Myesha Evon Gardner, styled by Lysa Cooper. The Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, NY Times, creator of the 1619 Project on her private self, her mistakes, and what it means to become infamous and revered in one breath. The other cover features model Dede Manros shot by Rahim Fortune, styled by Jessica Willis. Fortune takes us on a journey to the in-between, to a world that exists both within the dark and light, at a time of deep contemplation about what it means to exist neither here nor there, to be both black and bursting out of the boundaries.


This issue also features works and contributions from Roxane Gay, Tyler Mitchell, Sheila Atim, Casper Kofi, Yrsa Daley-Ward, Rashaad Newsome, Jari Jones, Nick Cave, Honey Dijon, Jelani Cobb, works by Gordon Parks and much more.




Citizen is a new bi-annual magazine. A contribution and collective portfolio documenting black culture, intellect, aesthetic and nuance - rooted in collaboration and connection. Citizen is centered in blackness, but aims to bring everyone in, it’s simply for those who are interesting and interested in culture at large.

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