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Circus magazine - issue 2 - Reading Room


Circus / 2


Issue 2 of Circus magazine highlights that the magazine does not have a specific overarching goal or message. The focus of this issue is to present a collection of fun, beautiful, and bizarre posters. The theme for this particular issue is "impossible," loosely tying the diverse range of images together. The aim is to create visuals that challenge perception and push creative boundaries, aiming to surprise and make the audience take a double look. The cover image, shot by Ian Macnicol, provides an unexpected perspective by having a sports photographer capture images for a beauty magazine, adding an element of humor.


While the magazine avoids strict themes, the editorial team has established a distinctive visual style for Circus, supported by collaborative efforts from the on-set team, including beauty industry professionals who subvert conventional norms. This approach challenges industry hierarchies and rules, providing contributors with ample creative freedom, resulting in a dynamic and diverse array of visuals for the audience to appreciate.




Founded by beauty photographer Jackson Bowley, CIRCUS Magazine is a bold, bright, chaotic, stressful, sickly, loud, scrappy and stupid beauty publication that creates and celebrates the absurd.

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