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Circle Zero Eight magazine - issue 3 - Reading Room


Circle Zero Eight / 3


Issue 03 explores confidence, inner strength, and self-belief through four unique covers: UK strongmen Tiny Iron and Tommo Thomas, embodying physical determination; Model Raphaela Odunwo, representing the body-conscious clothing brand Prism; Legendary wrestler Kendo Nagasaki, a symbol of enigma; and Artist Corbin Shaw, exploring masculinity with Aylesbury grammar school children. The issue also features interviews with England's striker Alessio Russo, BMX icon Nigel Sylvester, and a discussion on self-care in fashion with stylist Francesca Burns. In summary, Issue 03 offers a captivating journey through sport, style, and culture.




Circle Zero Eight magazine reflects sports global impact and influence. The magazine explores how different fields intersect with sport whilst discovering and giving exposure to other subcultures.