Cabana Magazine - Issue 14 - Reading Room


Cabana / 14


Covers by Clarence House for Fabricut. November 2020.


This issue is the ideal modern day armchair traveller's companion. Escape into the world of Cabana from the comfort of your own home and immerse yourself in the extensive portfolios on Venice and Hyderabad. Other stories include the Murlo Estate in the Umbrian countryside by Guido Taroni, Villa Imperiale of Pesaro by Ashley Hicks, and one of Tangier’s most beautiful houses captured by Miguel Flores-Vianna, amongst others. 


Cabana Magazine is about intimacy; it explores that close relationship that every person has with Interiors.

Not interiors in general, not only big and grand rooms but that corner, that detail, that object that makes a room feel unique and yet personal.

There is one german word that summons this vision: “gemütlich”. Cabana can be a palazzo, a flat, a folly or a hut. We aim at inspiring a new generation of globe trotters, taking them on a journey through sophistication, obsessive collecting, colors and fabrics.

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