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C41 magazine - issue 14 - Reading Room


C41 / 14

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Issue 14: New Fiction is the new expressive dimension we inhabit. A place where nothing is certain and everything is possible. After years of scientific realism, reality returns to being almost magical and never truly understandable. What seems real may not be, while reality itself takes on configurations never seen before. For the first time in history, we have the possibility of designing the reality we imagine, without the need for the skills to actually realise it. But where will this freedom take us?


FEATURED IN THIS ISSUE: Francoise Odill, Sasha Vanner, David Pedersen, Qi Han, Derek White, Sinhani Quade, Sophie Hambling, Simeï Iréne Snyman; Fuera; Annika Zobel Agerled, Josefine Gabriella Frank Arthur; Paul Harrison & John Wood; Yoji Tokuyoshi; Rory Gardiner; Bacci Moriniello; Eva & Franco Mattes; Rest Mode On; Timothy White; Anna & Silvia Cristofolini, Pascal Möhlmann, Miso Extra, Inés Maestre, Lawrie Abei, Nina G; Alessandro Calabrese; Asteroid City.





C 41 Magazine is a Milan-based magazine of contemporary visual art from all over the world. We’re interested in lifestyle, fashion, design, outdoors, and creative communities. Through our viewers’ lenses, we tell the stories. C-41 is a chromogenic colour print film developing process. Also well-known as CN-16 by Fuji, CNK-4 by Konica, and AP-70 by AGFA, it’s the most popular film process in use, with the most photofinishing labs devoting at least one machine to this development process.

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