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C41 Magazine Issue 11 WHY ASKING WHY? 


«Why not asking why? It makes us angry to realise that we are a passive cog in a complex and incomprehensible system; it forces us to take a step back and question the very existence of things. We are all too often conditioned to make decisions that are not in our true interests.»⁣⁣


Featuring: Nadia Lee Cohen, Ronan And Erwan Bouroullec, Leta Sobierajski, Marie Cornil, Joan Thiele, Yeon You, Mattea Perrotta, Maya Golyshkina, REKKI, Jawahir Roble, The Bells Angels, Alec Soth, Isabelle Wenzel, Caterina Barbieri And Ruben Spini, Dulce Patria, MASSIMODECARLO, Panamboyz, Pier Paolo Pasolini.⁣⁣


C 41 Magazine is a Milan-based magazine of contemporary visual art from all over the world. We’re interested in lifestyle, fashion, design, outdoors, and creative communities. Through our viewers’ lenses, we tell the stories. C-41 is a chromogenic colour print film developing process. Also well-known as CN-16 by Fuji, CNK-4 by Konica, and AP-70 by AGFA, it’s the most popular film process in use, with the most photofinishing labs devoting at least one machine to this development process.