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C/O Vienna magazine - issue 5 - Reading Room


C/O Vienna / 5

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An issue about roots. The uniquely german word „Provinz“ is difficult to translate in meaning, as it transcends mere „province“, but also encompasses all aspects of rural life. „Provinz“ is the place you long to escape from, the one you miss once you’re gone. Where geniuses are born, before they get discovered in the city. We tried to approach the topic in 220 pages, while avoiding all clichés and uncovering unknown aspects of it.


With 8 postcard cover variations by Piero Percoco, base cover by Vrinda Jelinek.


8 different covers & 

8 postcards by Piero Peroco 

Design by seite zwei




C/O VIENNA is an INTERVIEW MAGAZINE that promotes emerging talents, uncovers forgotten genies, and reports on the city’s CHARISMATIC PEOPLE, places and projects. 

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