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Buffalo Zine Magazine issue 18 Reading Room


Buffalo Zine / 18


The AW23 issue of Buffalo Zine guest edited by Cat Power. Pre-order now. Shipping Mid November.


For this issue we had the idea of having a guest editor, which is something we haven’t fully explored in the past, and it felt exciting opening the doors of Buffalo to an external pair of fresh eyes. So we approached Chan (singer-songwriter Chan Marshall, AKA Cat Power) and she said yes. She gave us a (mega extensive) list of people she wanted to feature in the magazine (sorry we couldn’t fit them all, we would need 8 volumes).


We texted for months, exchanging names, contacts, ideas, pairings. Eventually she travelled to Europe and we went over it all for hours together, talking about the issue but also about tons of other extraordinary stories that we promised to keep just for us. Chan is a force of nature, as strong and as vulnerable as any of her songs. All you might expect, and ten times more. An (old) friend, a (true) living legend, an (irredeemable) free spirit. A Buffalo gal through and through.




Buffalo zine is a powerful fashion and creativity magazine that changes its style, editorial line and roots in eclecticism with each issue. The idea of the magazine was born many years ago in Madrid by a team of two creative and graphic designer friends, David Uzquiza and Adrian González-Cohen, who, having worked in the fashion and advertising world for some time, decided to put their personal projects on paper. The result is a free magazine, which certainly starts from the world of fashion but completely eradicates any concept of a fashion magazine.

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