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Buffalo Zine magazine - issue 17 - Reading Room


Buffalo Zine / 17


Buffalo Zine No.17 - Coffee & Cigarettes


The seventeenth issue of Buffalo Zine has been shot and printed for the first time completely in black and white. Intimate, reflective, essential and introspective – A gentle, quiet interlude for noisy times.



Dev Hynes

Duane Michals

Ed Templeton

Eileen Myles

Jim Jarmusch

Max Richter

Rick Owens

Róisín Murphy


Contributing Artists

Blommers & Schumm

Caroline Tompkins

Charles Negre

Daniel Arnold

Danielle Levitt

Ewen Spencer

Joyce NG

Julien Martinez-Leclerc

Katie Burnett

Omaïma Salem

Tim Elkaïm




“A radical and subversive trip through the joy of magazines. Each issue rips apart the fabric of magazines and reimagines them for a brave new world; mixing together black humour and an irreverent sense of beauty”

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