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Brillo magazine - issue 15 - Reading Room

Brillo / 15

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BRILLO NR. 15 – New Living


Brillo#15 talks about how our way of life has evolved because of Covid-19 and the reemerged awareness of one’s existential value. It has come up again the need to live a life that is emotionally satisfying and not just work-related. We have gradually come to realize how much the home, our spaces, have become an extension of our being, understood as essence and existence. Home is a space of the soul that has become the envelope of our most authentic intimacy. It is the place where we return to, where we choose to stay long enough to recognize ourselves.

Home is a place where you can stop and take a breath, an emotional perimeter within which to write a piece of your story.

In this issue, Brillo looks at numerous different things – from the energetic principles of Feng Shui to the different ideas of home/house, from “quality time” to interior design on a human scale, from the slow living of Italy Segreta to the Flos’s design.

The main characters will be the illustrations, which will be done by artists from all over the world, like Oqui Paratz, Kyung Ah Kim, Carlo Stanga, and many others.




The Italian sparkling magazine dedicated to promote young illustrators from all over the world.

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