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BRERA|Z Magazine - Issue 1 - Reading Room




In the first issue of Brera|z an interview with Liliana Moro, an artist who trained at the Academy and was in the Italian Pavilion at this year's Venice Biennale; an interview with James Bradburne, director of the Pinacoteca, who told us his vision of what a museum is; a lunge on the theme of education; and the reason why Martians were born in Milan. Four pages on special paper entrusted to artist and lecturer Gabriele Di Matteo, who created them, in absolute freedom, as if they were a work of art; how to discover the only fragrant plant that blooms in winter in the Botanical Garden but can be found throughout the city; many reviews of exhibitions, books and more. The magazine is being distributed at newsstands, bookstores and museum bookshops in Milan.




Brera|z is a magazine that starts from Palazzo Brera and extends to the whole of Milan and Lombardy. It is a new magazine that will tell the stories and current events that make Brera a living and lively laboratory of culture every day, strongly linked to the city context and at the same time open and dialoguing with other great European laboratories. In each issue exclusive interviews with the great protagonists of art, finance and culture of the moment. Brera|z is an entirely bilingual (Italian and English) magazine designed to accompany all art and culture enthusiasts, museum and library goers, and lovers of beauty, both Italian and foreign.


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