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    BORSHCH #3 LEAP FORWARD guest-edited by Jeff Mills

    Together with Jeff Mills, we take a bold leap forward to speculate on what we, fragile human-beings and machine music addicts, can expect in the technology-driven future. We meet Dasha Rush, an electronic musician who also finds her muse in the nature of celestial bodies, to explore her ideas envisioned in Dark Hearts Of Space. When speaking about techno music beyond the dance floor, we asked Jeff Mills to introduce people whose vision and art proved to be inspiring for his own creative process and who see electronic music as an independent art form integral to their lives, while absorbed in their own craft. In this issue we speak to Jessica Care Moore, Akaji Maro, Jacqueline Caux. A poet, an actor, a film director — Jeff’s collaborators who made him seek new outlooks on familiar subjects. Kelly Snook, a planetary scientist and instrument inventor, joins this circle of deep thinkers to discuss Mills’ ideas about our expansion into outer space and to propose new scenarios of a utopian future.

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