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Bookshop Guide Independent Publishing Culture Spots - volume 1 - Reading Room


Bookshop Guide / volume 1

€ 18,00Prezzo

Bookshop Guide—Volume 1

Independent Publishing Culture Spots


Europe & North America


This is the first volume of a collection that aims to gather the go-to places around the world for those travelers who look beyond the mainstream and don’t make decisions based on the latest trends.

The publication comes with the Printaholic graphic novel.





More than a standard publisher, Paperside is a meeting point for print culture enthusiasts seeking specialised content. An atlas of the elements that shape the editorial universe.

The platform, founded by Gema Navarro, was born from a motivation to share the ideas and knowledge gathered after years of experience in the editorial field, and with an aim to develop projects that celebrate editorial culture — both digitally and in print.

Dot by dot, our initiatives will build a constellation expanding around a series of concepts: Places, People, Archive.

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