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Blumenhaus Magazine - Issue 1 - Reading Room


Blumenhaus / 1

€ 29,00Prezzo

In this volume… 

/ The rising popularity of herbalism

/ The history of flowers paintings by Netherlandish Renaissance artists

/ The four seasons 

/ Flowers and leaves, the Indian way

/ The weirdest orchid specimens 


We also retrace the influences on botany with portraits of…

/ Italian architect, Renzo Mongiardino

/ British horticulturist, Gertrude Jekyll

/ Garden designer, Isabel Bannerman


Illustrations that make us wander through…

/ The gardens of England

/ Hong Kong florists by Pia Riverola

/ A Californian diary by Lucie Bascoul

/ A top 5 of dreamy destinations painted by Jenny Ronen


Fashion editorials by Jesse & Jimmy Marble, Raquel Chicheri, Angela Blumen, Takeuchiss, Melanie Rodriguez as well as exclusive floral compositions and artworks by Rosie Harbottle, Jenn Sanchez, Mike Willcox, Sofia Iva, Emily Isabella…



Blumenhaus travels back in time with a philosophical and romantic approach. Written exclusively in English by a group of professional editors & journalists specialized in botany, it focuses as much on the aesthetic side – mixing contemporary visuals and antique archives – as on bringing insight to its readers.

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