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Bloom magazine - issue 16 - Reading Room


Bloom / 16


Issue 16 – Spring/summer 2024


Issue 16 is full of things to do, stories from nature and an unbounded enthusiasm for this wonderful planet we call home.


In this issue, you'll find:


* Ideas for a wild garden in an urban landscape

* How to grow heirloom salads with a story

* Lunar gardening highlights for 2024

* Selecting flowers with flavour

* How to expand your mind with psychedelic plants

* Nifty ways to make insects bug 

* How to grow houseplants outside

* Meet the farmers transforming agriculture

* Olivia Laing on restoring a garden

* A homage to rock in the landscape

* London's new Black farmers’ market

* A review of the Land Skills Fair

* A love letter to buddleja

* Why gardeners should become guerrilla growers

* The art of well dressing

* An essay on land and identity

* Nature books for growing kids

* Creating a dried flower centrepiece

* A calendar of 12 wild plant recipes

* An interview with activist Tayshan Hayden-Smith

* And much more!




Bloom is a magazine for gardeners, plant admirers, nature lovers, curious explorers and outdoor adventurers. It is beautiful and useful; it looks lovely and it works hard; it makes you muse on the handsomeness of nature and it inspires you to get out there and be a part of it.


Bloom promises practical gardening projects, an exploration of the natural world and a celebration of the beauty of all green spaces, whether they’re in the countryside or the middle of the city, on your windowsill or in an allotment, highly groomed or utterly wild.

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