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Beneficial Shock magazine - issue 6 - Reading Room


Beneficial Shock / 6

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Issue Six: Courage & Strength


The courage to face any kind of adversity, and the strength it often takes to persevere is what we explore in this issue, and film offers up some doozies when it comes to bold acts of brawn and epic feats of fearlessness. Filmmakers themselves often lead the charge, so inside you'll find pieces on Steve McQueen, Mirata Mita and Derek Jarman who have all taken courageous steps in raising awareness for vital causes both in front of and behind the camera. We shine a light on the life of Henri Langlois, often credited as the saviour of cinema, reveal some of our favourite ballsy whistleblowers, celebrate some unconventional screen mentors and even make a case for the movie coward.


Featuring illustrative work by Mr. Doodle, Zara Wilkins, Neil Webb, Dolce Paganne, Ian Moore, Isip Xin, Matt Lee, Rafal Kwiczor, Arthur Buxton, Liam Barrett, Richard Falle, Jacob Hinrichs, Jono Lewarne, Gary Embury and Andy Carter.




Beneficial Shock! is an annual magazine for film lovers and illustration enthusiasts that champions progressive thinking from contemporary image-makers. It explores crucial elements of cinema often marginalized or overlooked, provides a platform for individual expression and aims to deliver timeless and brave visual storytelling for those hankering after something a little bit different.

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