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Bellissimo / 6

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Issue 4
“Having not found anywhere near enough to enjoy the summer, this year Bellissimo Magazine built its BELLISSIMO HOLIDAY CLUB, a place where you can be what you've always wanted to be but were too afraid to pay for! ”
The fourth issue of Bellissimo does not choose a specific location like the first three, but represents the Italian kitsch of any summer beach. Whether in an uncool beach on the Romagna Riviera, on a beach on the Lazio coast or in a sunny Salento cove, the Holiday Club Bellissimo is so trashy that it goes around and becomes... beautiful!


Bellissimo is the editorial project of photographers  Ivan Ruberto and Paolo Zerbini. It is an irreverent and irreverent non-magazine magazine, which the two authors define as a true editorial performance. 
Glossy and with a style that deliberately recalls the kitsch rotogravure found on newsstands, this independent magazine focuses on a different destination for each issue, documenting the characters and situations, describing their peculiarities and playing with the stereotypes linked to that place.

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