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Baroness Magazine - Versace Issue - Reading Room


Baroness / 2

€ 60,00Prezzo

The second instalment of BARONESS visits the world of romantic novels with a book of photo stories written and visualised by performance artist Sarah Baker. Following the lives of five scandalous characters who face tumultuous affairs, the story begins when American music mogul Angelina Marina, played by Baker, receives an unwanted Christmas present, inadvertently opening a sordid seasonal tale of tangled lives and betrayal. Everything is at stake: Angelina's freedom, her daughter's loyalty, her friendship with the Baroness and, worst of all, the royalties from her hit single, 'Spritz Me with Your Love'.




Multi-media artist and perfume-house founder, Sarah Baker, has collaborated with none other than Donatella Versace and supermodel Helena Christensen as part of the most 80s-tastic spectacular campaign you’re likely to see this season. Dripping with decadence, every aspect of the project exudes the kind of soft-focus glamour Baker’s artistic endeavours are known for – from the fashion and art magazine, a six-part Jackie Collins-esque romantic saga through to the drop-dead gorgeous photography.

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