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Balcony magazine - issue 3 - Reading Room


balcony / 3

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Issue 3 of balcony features ad hoc experiences with artists, rarely seen artworks and portfolios, and unique narratives from a range of international writers and curators. Features include: 


• Fly tying and fishing with Joseph Grigely and Song-I Saba 

• Somaya Critchlow and Katherine Angel on a walk through the British Museum

• A roadtrip in search of sundials with Christian Hidaka and Raphaël Zarka

• Béatrice Gross and Katinka Bock on studio life in Paris

• A never before published short story and portfolio by Katinka Bock

• Three generations of modern dance in Soho: Wendy Perron, Babette Mangolte and Morgan Griffin

• A parade of the senses at the home of Victoria Colmegna in Buenos Aires

• The rarely seen photographs of Isamu Noguchi

• Nate Lowman in and around Tribeca one afternoon with Eneas Capalbo

• Lukas Gschwandtner and Ana Pérez Escoto on friendship from Vienna to Mexico City




balcony is a bi-annual collection of conversations with artists situated in the everyday. Each issue contains a selection of dialogues as well as visual stories and original artworks. Sidestepping conventions of both art criticism and the artist profile, balcony presents the artist's voice as its primary source, blurring the boundaries between the art world and the everyday.


balcony is published in Brooklyn, New York and printed in Aosta, Italy. It was co-founded by Audrey Rose Smith and Vicente Muñoz in 2020 and is designed by Ben Fehrman-Lee and Julia Novitch. 

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