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Azeema magazine - issue 4 - Reading Room


Azeema / 4

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AZEEMA is an Arabic name meaning: determination, resoluteness, firmness of purpose and strength. It’s short definition: brave, strong and courageous. The Rituals (Tuqous طقوس) issue is a 240 page collection of stunning visual stories, personal and important written pieces and insightful interviews, featuring our UK-based and international community. Our fourth issue explores our individual roots, our unique histories and cultural nuances that bring us light and warmth. We delve into rituals, our resilience, our strength. From bukhoor (بخور), to food rituals, to Assyrian weddings and underground raves. This issue is a documentation of our existence and our fluidity in the UK and beyond.




AZEEMA is a multifaceted entity, encompassing a print magazine, online platform, community, and creative agency, dedicated to the exploration of women and non-binary individuals within West Asia, North Africa, South Asia, diasporas, and beyond.

Originally established by Jameela Elfaki, of Sudanese/English heritage, in 2017, AZEEMA has evolved into a powerful cultural force. Bolstered by a talented, diverse team and a vibrant international community, AZEEMA embodies its Arabic namesake, signifying determination, resoluteness, firmness of purpose, and strength. In essence, AZEEMA encapsulates the qualities of bravery, strength, and courage.

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