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Avant / 1

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An Anthology of Western Wear


After four issues dedicated to workwear and military clothing, AVANT explores the American West with this fifth issue dedicated to Western Wear.


In this issue, AVANT goes to meet the first cowboys who populated the American West. We also tell how the great painters and Hollywood have greatly contributed to mythologize the image of the cowboy.


Of course, and this is the primary function of AVANT: we do not forget to talk about clothes and style, on the contrary. So, we trace the evolution of the Western style, focusing on the history of two of its most iconic pieces: the Western shirt and the Stetson hat.


We also tell the story of one of the greatest rodeo tailors of all time: Rodeo Ben, the man who designed the first Wrangler jeans.


Oh, and we chatted with Cowboy Phil Rupp, a sunny character who collects fancy cowboy suits and shirts, Courtenay De Hoff, a cow girl turned to television host, Barbanera’s designer and creative director Sergio Guardi and vintage collector Bernie McMahon.


Prefaces are written by two legends of the West : Steve Weil, grandson of Papa Jack Weil, founder of Rockmount Ranch Wear, and Lynn Downey, former Levi Strauss and Co. historian and a specialist in the history of dude ranching.


Each story lets us dive into the history of the United States - especially the West - and offers a modern perspective on the way these clothes have influenced the course of history and continue to interact with our society today.




AVANT is celebrating the past of heritage clothing and inspiring the future of authentic menswear . 


Each garment has a story to tell, our denims, patinated boots, torn hats, western shirts... they were all born to meet a need, a purpose, that still resonate in our culture and lifestyle. 


Our magazine honors the essence of heritage clothing and craftsmanship  since 2018.

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