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Autre magazine - issue 15 - Reading Room


Autre / 15

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Autre magazine is pleased to announce the release of the LOSING MY RELIGION issue. This is it—a startling exploration of changing belief systems in the age of information and disinformation, secularization, conspiracy theory, and a testament to contemporary life in a burning hot post-truth world. It is an issue about the violence of borders and invisible enemies. What can we learn from artists, scientists, comedians, musicians, activists and filmmakers as society tips downward into the great unknown?


In 1991, R.E.M. released their surprise hit single “Losing My Religion.” With its haunting, yearning, and ambiguous lyrics, the song, written by MICHAEL STIPE—portraits by NICK SETHI (who gives a candid interview to HANS ULRICH OBRIST in this issue) is about the torment of love and fame, but could just as easily be the soundtrack for the time we are living in now. In our global identity crisis, PAUL REUBENS reprises his iconic character PEE-WEE HERMAN for a special cover story with NADIA LEE COHEN to discuss shapeshifting in the face of a turbulent and chaotic world. JORDAN WOLFSON is interviewed by JEFFREY DEITCH about the violence and animalistic frequencies that run through his work and our contemporary subconscious.




Autre is a magazine that covers global art, culture, and sex.

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