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August magazine - issue 7 - Reading Room


August / 7

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ALL THINGS UTOPIA, featuring stories on Rudolf Steiner’s German Expressionist Goetheanum (on the cover), Javier Senosiain’s Casa Organica in Mexico City, the new Eames Institute in the Bay Area, Fritz Haller’s Buchli House for USM, Edward James’s surrealist garden Las Pozas in Mexico, Paolo Soleri’s Arcosanti, a still-life story on Friedrick Froebel’s influential educational toys, a portfolio on the Paris-based designer Pierre Marie, an illustrated (and hilarious) history of Utopia by Rob Wilson, and the first experiential nightclub in New York by Alexandra Lange.




AUGUST is a new kind of travel magazine: Each issue focuses on one location, immersing the reader in its rich art, architecture, and design scene, and sharing encounters with locals, their habits, and their pleasures—in other words, the sights and souls that form the fabric of each city’s unique culture. 

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