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Athleta magazine - issue 10 - Reading Room


Athleta / 10

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Our journey into the imagery of sports culture has reached its tenth iconic chapter. To celebrate the historic milestone of Athleta Magazine Issue 10, we have dedicated our cover to a legend, Mike Tyson, and the fine lens that followed him, Lori Grinker. The dialogue between photography and sports continues in Alex F. Webb's contemporary aesthetic and its evocative relationship with climbing, as well as in Alexander Aguiar's shots on tennis, dedicated to the vibrant rhythms of the US Open. The journey stops over to pay homage to a decisive event in Italian football history, the Napoli Scudetto, portrayed in all its folkloric glory by Luca Santese and Marco P. Valli, and with the universe of glitter and athletic sensation of NCAA artistic gymnastics, depicted by Regina Koko. A special editorial, produced in collaboration with Woolrich amongst the frosty Icelandic waves, and a report focusing on the fusion of running and mythology on the Faroe Islands take us up north, thanks to the images of Rise Up Duo. We then touch down in another continent, Africa, to explore the evocative tradition of fire-eaters in Ghana with Tom Ringsby, and we conclude our globetrot by admiring the aerial dance of the Ponte Brolla divers through Tom Farmer’s visuals. Here at Athleta Magazine, we’re always game to take you on a journey where sports, art, and culture intersect, to a printed oasis where photographic ecstasy becomes the medium for examining society, athletic beauty and timeless stories. All you have to do is give in to the muse.




Athleta is about telling this story in photos. It is the essence of strength and the absence of failure. That’s something that just doesn’t exist, when you know that you’ve given your all. The desire to try when there is no money to be won, but with simply the idea of being the best. These are pages to be looked at, explored and understood. They are images that have soul and touch the soul. They are details to discover. They are journeys to make.

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