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Are We Europe magazine - issue 13 - Reading Room


Are We Europe / 13

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How does design influence our surroundings and how does it affect our behaviour? Read the stories of people and projects that define the visible and invisible boundaries of our lives. From earplugs to bike lanes, sex toys to post-war reconstruction, the stories in this magazine illustrate how the potential of design depends on people, both those who create it and those who interact with it.




For too long, headlines about Europe have obsessed over Brussels, Brexit and borders, ignoring the bigger picture. Are we Europe believes that Europe needs journalism that collaborates across nations, generations and identities. That highlights solutions to shared challenges. That focuses on its people.

As an award-winning media, it offers boundless journalism from the next generation of storytellers. Podcasts, print magazines and multimedia stories: with the support of members, discover Europe through a new perspective.

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