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Archivio #1 - Never Sleep - Reading Room

Archivio / 1

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Archivio #1 – Records store ads and paper ephemera from Rave fanzines of the early 90s

The first issue, curated by Gabber Eleganza, is a publication that collects and contains rave records store advertisements, graphics curiosity and illustration ephemera.

With extensive research on the archive, tons of old techno and rave fanzines from the early 90s (from USA, UK, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy and Germany) were included and gave a new life for this project.

A pure, rough and beautiful visual testimony of a unique and unrepeatable historical moment.

Preface by Colin Stevan (Knowledge magazine and Velocity Press founder)




Archivio is a series of publications by Never Sleep focused on the exploring archiving practices, displaying private collections of visual artefacts, memorabilia, collecting garments and graphic curiosities.

A memories wunderkammer: from rave-club culture to the youth subcultures.

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