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Arabpop magazine - issue 1 - Reading Room


Arabpop / 1

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It seemed natural to us to inaugurate the magazine's adventure with an issue that recalled the tenth anniversary of the Arab revolutions, but without flattening it into celebratory rhetoric of any kind. Therefore, the first issue of Arabpop will be dedicated to the theme of metamorphosis, understood as transformation in the broadest and most transversal sense possible: change and evolution of artistic sensibilities, revolutions and political involutions, but also literary mutations, musical hybridizations, changing bodies and identities. The first issue of Arabpop, in short, wants to loudly state that Arab culture is not only not (nor has it ever been) stuck in a presumed condition of eternal stasis, but is in flux and what's more enjoys excellent health!




Arabpop is a magazine focused on contemporary arts and literature in Arab countries, reflecting on the cultural shifts following the Arab uprisings in 2011. It showcases original works by Arab artists and writers, aiming to engage a diverse audience through clear and accessible language, covering a wide range of cultural topics.

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