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ArabLit Quarterly magazine - Spring 2024 issue - Reading Room


ArabLit Quarterly | Spring 2024

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ArabLit Quarterly & Majalla 28 Spring 2024: Gaza! Gaza! Gaza!


In this special spring issue, ArabLit Quarterly and Gaza’s Majalla 28 come together to publish words and art from Gaza. In the face of immense death and loss, the brutal and inhumane destruction of cultural and academic infrastructure, and the utter callousness of those in power, co-editors Mohammed Zaqzooq and Mahmoud Al-Shaer have collected essays, poems, and life-and-death reflections by writers living in Gaza that speak to their lives between October 2023 and March 2024.




ArabLit is a magazine that brings together Arabic literature, essays, wordplay, art, music, and food. 

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