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anima - issue 2 - readingroom


Anima / 2

€ 15,00Prezzo

This is the second issue of Anima. This edition finds out about a new generation of architects and discovers how they train. It looks at the language of typography and at life on the Moon. Nathalie du Pasquier and Dieter Rams share their inspirations, and Samuel

Ross predicts what is next. Welcome back. 



Anima gets beneath the surface of design, whilst understanding that appearances matter too. It is interested in what things mean, as well as how they look. As appealing to the professional as to the enthusiast, it understands that design never stands still and embraces the most vital issues. Its perspective is global and predictive. Beautifully designed and incisively written, Anima takes the subject out of the specialist domain and offers a clear and passionate view on where we are now.

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