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Aleï journal - issue 11 - Reading Room


aleï / 11

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Issue 11 contributors:

Benedict Brink Chaumont-Zaerpour Luna Conte Sean Davidson Yegi Lee Mark Luckasavage Olivier Simille Cristina Stolhe Lee Wei Swee Céleste André Samia Giobellina Morgane Nicolas Mélodie Zagury Hugo Avigo Thomas Ballouhey Loucia Carlier Guillaume Dénervaud David Douard Julian Farade Roman Selim Khereddine Sophie Kuijken Hannah Levy Cécile Paravina Leonardo Pellicanò Jack Rothert Chloé Royer Jean-Vincent Simonet Salomé Burstein Indira Béraud Théo Casciani Lou Ellingson Cyprien Muth




Aleï journal is a biannual magazine based in Paris and distributed worldwide.
Independant publication constituted of photographs, art and essays, it aims to highlight personalities whose artistic practice are raw and singular.

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