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Agenda magazine - issue 3 - Reading Room


Agenda / 3

€ 20,00Prezzo

AGENDA is a capsule of thoughts and feelings of the moment each issue is created in, and as such a co-curation together

with each artist contributing to the publication. A free-spirited play with the concept of a magazine; this publication gathers poems and short stories, photographic essays and fashion, conversations with artists and musicians, art works and fantasy fuelled experiments.


The first issue features among others Ola Rindal, Pol Anglada, Ben Toms, Niko Hallikainen, Oskar Oprey, Alberto Bitar, Ash Allen, Yelena Moskovich, Wesley Wei, Delphine Danhier, Kaarlo Stauffer, DJ Haydn, Johnny Kangasniemi, Wilson Oryema, Matthew Tammaro, Winter Vandenbrink, Lars Brønseth and Lea Colombo

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