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Afterall magazine - issue 55/56 - Reading Room


Afterall / 55/56

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This double issue aims to provide an ‘out of placeness’ by looking beyond Western-centricity to a transnational, pluralist horizon, exploring the new imaginaries created by artists and thinkers from the Global South, from Brazil to the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Editors: Elisa Adami, Amanda Carneiro, Nav Haq, Mark Lewis, Adeena Mey, Chloe Ting, and Charles Stankievech.


Founding editors: Charles Esche, Mark Lewis.




Artists: Jonathas de Andrade


Homem com H. On Jonathas de Andrade’s Museu do Homen do Nordeste – Filipa Ramos

Hunger for Resistance: Interview with Jonathas de Andrade – Nav Haq



YANAK UYWAÑA: The Mutual Nurturing of the Arts – Elvira Espejo Ayca

Artists: Rosana Paulino


Settlement: Rosana Paulino and Black Women’s Insubordinate Geohistories – Lorraine Leu

Rosana Paulino: Art As Memory-Work – Jareh Das



Breathe with Me, a Breath of Life: Material Mysticism in Clarice Lispector and Lygia Clark – Charles Stankievech

Artists: Lotus L. Kang


A Cascading World of Porosity – Hyunjin Kim

Working with the Lack: A Conversation with Lotus L. Kang – Chloe Ting

Events, Works, Exhibitions


Ghostly Unburyings and Romanticised Blooming Fields: Botanical Entanglements, Women’s Emancipation and Coloniality – Corina L. Apostol



Between Mean Time – Felix Kalmenson

Artist Insert


Melek – Mashaa’ – Marwa Arsanios



From Clay Animism to Bandung Aesthetic: The Art of Sayeda Massak, Samira Hosny, Yehya Bu Seri’, Bodour Girgis – Maxa Zoller

Artists: Feryal Matar


Applied Art? Feryal Matar and Art Education at the Sharjah Women’s Association – Melissa Gronlund

Artists: Ashkat Akhmedyarov


In the Middle of History Looking Sideways: On Askhat Akhmedyarov’s Work and His Time – Mi You



Photography as Writing – Baudouin Bikoko

Artist Insert


The Improbable Memorial – Sinzo Aanza



Emergence of a New Congolese Art – Célestin Badibanga ne Mwine

Events, Works, Exhibitions


Toxicity: Resisting Extraction through Collectivity at the 7th Lubumbashi Biennale – Lotte Arndt



Ideas to Postpone the End of the World – Ailton Krenak

Artists: Richard Mosse


Contradictions: A Conversation with Richard Mosse – Charles Stankievech



Shaping Atmospheres: From Terraforming Lands to Geoengineering Air – Ala Roushan with Charles Stankievech

Artists: Sin Wai Kin


It’s Always You: Sin Wai Kin’s Infinite Universe – Stephanie Bailey




Afterall is a Research Centre of University of the Arts London, located at Central Saint Martins. Afterall focuses its research activities on the value of contemporary art and its relation to wider society. Its specialist research areas include 'Art Becoming Public', which addresses exhibitions, institutions and what happens when art becomes public and 'The Work of Art', which focuses on researching through the work of art, while interrogating the scope and parameters of this commitment. The research centre works with partners across three continents to deepen this enquiry and make it available through publications, digital access, conferences, screenings and talks.

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