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Afterall magazine - issue 54 - Reading Room


Afterall / 54

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Issue 54 ‘Voicings’ explores modes of being, perception and expression that have been historically and often violently disabled by society. Focusing on art practices that centre the perspective of D/deaf and non-verbal communicators, it proposes reconfigurations of voice, language and sound. It asks readers to tune into a chorus of voicings, not necessarily audible, but perceivable as ‘atmospheres’, ‘vibrations’, ‘rhythms’.


Editors: Elisa Adami, Amanda Carneiro, Nav Haq, Mark Lewis, Adeena Mey, Chloe Ting, and Charles Stankievech.




Artists: Imogen Stidworthy


Atmospheres Full of Information: A Conversation with Imogen Stidworthy – Nav Haq

Voicing: A Practice of Exodus – Eleni Ikoniadou



We Burn Disbelief: Disability, Surveillance Infrastructures and Salvation Ecologies – Khairani Barokka

Artists: Christine Sun Kim


Access as Generative Site – Bárbara Rodríguez Muñoz

Artists: Tarek Atoui


‘Like Waves in my Body’: On Tarek Atoui’s Sonic Practice – Rayya Badran



Politics Inc. – Vladimir Safatle

Artists: Arthur Bispo do Rosário


Arthur Bispo do Rosário, an Emblematic Art Brut/ Outsider Creator – Edward Gómez

Representing the World, Weathering its End: Arthur Bispo do Rosário’s Ecology of the Ship – Marlon Miguel



Whatever the Future Will Be, It Is Made Now – Bart De Baere

Events, Works, Exhibitions


The Rise (and Fall?) of the Postcolonial Documenta – Sunil Shah

Artists: Silke Otto-Knapp


Silke Otto-Knapp (1970–2022) – Mark Lewis




Afterall is a Research Centre of University of the Arts London, located at Central Saint Martins. Afterall focuses its research activities on the value of contemporary art and its relation to wider society. Its specialist research areas include 'Art Becoming Public', which addresses exhibitions, institutions and what happens when art becomes public and 'The Work of Art', which focuses on researching through the work of art, while interrogating the scope and parameters of this commitment. The research centre works with partners across three continents to deepen this enquiry and make it available through publications, digital access, conferences, screenings and talks.

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